Arborcoat® Exterior Oil Stain Semi Transparent - K328

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A premium quality semi transparent stain formulated to penetrate and protect wood, resist abrasion, and beautify wood decking, siding, fencing, shakes and furniture.

The deeply penetrating formula offers great protection from water, sun and provides a mildew resistant finish. Its colours are semi transparent, allowing the texture and grain of the wood to show through.


  • Provides protection and colour without obscuring the grain or texture of the wood
  • May be applied to new, pressure treated lumber that has thoroughly dried.
  • A water repellent coating
  • Specially formulated to resist mildew growth on the stain film
  • Scuff resistant
  • Formulated to penetrate, protect, and beautify wood decking, siding, fencing, shingles and furniture
  • Can also be applied to wood previously stained with a transparent or semi transparent stain that is weathered but is not flaking or peeling

Recommended For

Residential or commercial applications where a premium quality finish is desired. For application to new wood, pressure treated lumber and previous applications of stain that have weathered and are porous.


  • The opacity of stains is affected by how heavily the product is applied and by the porosity or texture of the wood. Always sample the product on the actual wood surface.
  • Applying the finish too heavily or applying over a sealed surface will result in slow dry times and uneven finish.

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